Andy Gallegos Jr. 

Andy is leading the way in OneReach’s pursuit to improve Cheyenne at all levels through his mission to better the lives of its citizens.  He seeks to serve Christ’s calling while also being a devoted father.  Andy started with OneReach as its head chef, responsible for the procurement and preparation of several hundred hamburgers and hotdogs, which would be served within a 3 hour timeframe.  Andy, through his commitment and dedication to OneReach’s vision and mission seeks to now as President propel OneReach’s efforts to an even greater reach within Cheyenne.

Kirbie Brown

Kirbie is a devoted single mom and a Clinical Social Worker. As the Treasurer of OneReach, Kirbie oversees the management and reporting of OneReach’s finances. Through OneReach’s mission and vision, Kirbie hopes to support individuals facing various obstacles in identifying and accessing resources and supports, allowing for greater economic mobility and the increased ability to pursue health and happiness within our community.

OneReach Officers


Jose Griego


Kimberly Black

Food Line Coordinator

Amanda Aldridge

Procurement Advisor