Jason Enstad

Jason serves as CEO for OneReach and has been involved since OneReach’s inception over 7 years ago. He and his family moved to Cheyenne from Eastern South Dakota 13 years ago after graduating from nursing school. As a Registered Nurse he has worked mainly with incarcerated adults and juveniles. His wonderful family consist of his wife (married for 19 years, together for 25+ years) and 3 awesome children. OneReach has been life changing not only to those he has served, but also to him personally.

Andy Gallegos Jr. 

Andy is leading the way in OneReach’s pursuit to improve Cheyenne at all levels through his mission to better the lives of its citizens.  He seeks to serve Christ’s calling while also being a devoted father.  Andy started with OneReach as its head chef, responsible for the procurement and preparation of several hundred hamburgers and hotdogs, which would be served within a 3 hour timeframe.  Andy, through his commitment and dedication to OneReach’s vision and mission seeks to now as President propel OneReach’s efforts to an even greater reach within Cheyenne.

Stormy Miller

Kristie Capson

After graduating from University of Wyoming with a Bachelors degree in Microbiology and from Texas Tech University with a Medical Laboratory Scientist degree, Kristie seeks to give back to Cheyenne through her
work at a Cheyenne based UC Health lab.  Additionally, she is on the YoungLilfe committee and serves as a volunteer for Element Church.  Her two very hairy children are named Vada and Ruger, who are both rescue pittbulls.
Kristie’s love comes from serving the community and getting to know people of all walks of life!

Tony Bronson
Transportation Coordinator

Tony, as a faithful husband and grandfather, desires to follow Christ’s path for him within Cheyenne.  He works tirelessly to coordinate transportation for Cheyenne’s homeless population so that they may attend Church service.  Additionally, he facilitates their ability to receive a week’s worth of food from Element Church’s food pantry.  Tony’s goal is to see those within our community who are without, to find Christ and see personal prosperity within their lives.

David Cook
Special Project Officer

David, after 20 years in the Air Force has found a home here in Cheyenne with his wife and son.  He seeks to serve the Lord and to give back to the community which embraced him and his fellow Air Force members. David now works to run large scale projects for OneReach.  He is currently leading the expansion effort (click the link above) to increase OneReach’s impact within Cheyenne and hopes to develop lasting partnerships aimed at bettering this great community.