Andy Gallegos Jr. 

Andy is leading the way in OneReach’s pursuit to improve Cheyenne at all levels through his mission to better the lives of its citizens.  He seeks to serve Christ’s calling while also being a devoted father.  Andy started with OneReach as its head chef, responsible for the procurement and preparation of several hundred hamburgers and hotdogs, which would be served within a 3 hour timeframe.  Andy, through his commitment and dedication to OneReach’s vision and mission seeks to now as President propel OneReach’s efforts to an even greater reach within Cheyenne.

Tony Bronson

Tony, as a faithful husband and grandfather, desires to follow Christ’s path for him within Cheyenne.  He works tirelessly to coordinate transportation for Cheyenne’s homeless population so that they may attend Church service.  Additionally, he facilitates their ability to receive a week’s worth of food from Element Church’s food pantry.  Tony’s goal is to see those within our community who are without, to find Christ and see personal prosperity within their lives.

Stormy Miller

Stormy, A single mother of 3. She runs her own business as well as continues to further her children’s education.  A woman of her faith that continues to keep ONEREACH moving forward.

Will Luna


A man of Cheyenne’s Community.  Will is a family man that continues to make sure they are doing right.  A Laramie County School District # 1 Teacher and a mobile DJ owner.  Will as continues to serve ONEREACH to the best he can making sure that others are prepared and helping out in the trenches.