Andy Gallegos Jr. 

Andy is leading the way in OneReach’s pursuit to improve Cheyenne at all levels through his mission to better the lives of its citizens.  He seeks to serve Christ’s calling while also being a devoted father.  Andy started with OneReach as its head chef, responsible for the procurement and preparation of several hundred hamburgers and hotdogs, which would be served within a 3 hour timeframe.  Andy, through his commitment and dedication to OneReach’s vision and mission seeks to now as President propel OneReach’s efforts to an even greater reach within Cheyenne.

Jose Griego

Vice President

Jose is a devoted Father and Husband. He plays a huge role in the One Reach Family. He not only has a passion for His own Faith. He continues to build others in Our Lords Name.  His passion for the Homeless excels His role as part in One Reach.  Jose works at Walmart DC, continues to build his children in Faith, Leads his family as God instructs and also is a Cheyenne Native.  If you wanna meet Jose come down He is typically on the girl with a Smiles and Praise.

Monique Griego

Monique is a devoted in Her Faith, Wife and Mother. She works with Her husband at the Walmart DC.  Monique is our backbone at One Reach.  She makes sure everything is not only done but from behind the scenes correctly takes care of resources we use to support our Community.

Misty Ramirez


Currently holds the  position as  a Register Behavioral Technician ABA analyst at Olivebranch I was born in Cheyenne Wyoming I attended Central High School and graduated in 1997 I also attended college to earn a degree in medical assistance, my personal goals are to grow in faith and raise my daughter, I enjoy camping, swimming, boating, jet skis, concerts music events I am passionate about helping others and helping when possible.

OneReach Officers

Kimberly Black

Food Line Coordinator